Daily Dose of Peter

Aunt May: hey Peter? What day is it?

Peter: uh.. -checks phone- the 13th.

Aunt May: oh no! Monday the 13th! How scary!

Peter: that's Friday the 13th.

Aunt May: oh..

Sorry for vanishing…

Hey guys! 

So this is kind of ooc, kind of ic.  I’ve been really really busy with school and life, but there are a few things I wanna say.  

First off, for the 171/200 that stayed with me, thank you very very much for sticking with me.  That means a hell of a lot.

For the first time in my life I’m making amazingly fantastic grades.  I’m working my ass off and with three more finals to be taken this week, I’m looking at a 4.0 this semester and a 3.88 total.  Compared to the crap I was doing in high school, this is amazing.  

My home life is much better because of it, and my personal health is so much better.  I’m on a weight program, I’m working out, and I’ve already lost 9.4 pounds so I’m also really happy about that.  I’m also becoming really confident about my sexuality after coming out to my parents a few months ago, and after getting this amazingly short (yet rad) haircut, my parents are starting to accept it, I think.

Yeah, I know people usually put stuff like this on Read Me or what ever, but ya know what?  No one reads those.

So thank you so much again, if anyone would like to RP feel free to send me an ask or a starter.  My Peter muse has been gone for EVER but just now, he came back.

Forever Your Fwip Fwip Master,
Peter Parker

thinking about deleting this account.  Anyone miss me?

If you love animals, please read.


I am a lover of animals.  I have six cats and three dogs, an assortment of fish and birds.  Today, I witnessed something horrible.

My 60 lbs dog Chris attacked a stray 5 lbs chiwawa hours ago.  This stray had no home and got into our backyard when my dog Chris took him by the neck and shook him like a toy and made him scream. We came running out to try and save him but it was too late. 

When she finally dropped him, was breathing hard, not moving, his eyes wide with panic.  I sat out there with him for hours, stroking his head until his breathing finally stopped.  I wrapped him up in a towel and sat with him until he stopped moving all together.

Animal control arived and took his body away, but I would like to say this:

If you see a dog or animal that is without a collar or without a home on the streets, please, I beg you, alert Animal Control.  I have always thought that this was the wrong thing to do, that by doing this, you take away their freedom, but they could get hit by a car or trapped, helpless in some backyard, and attacked by something much bigger than they are.  Please, if you can help, do so. 

I don’t want to see another dog or animal get tortured like that again, only to die alone and in the cold with some stranger stroking their fur until they stop breathing.

Help them.  They have lives just as we do. 

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Sisters || Closed RP @imtheotherstacy

Peter grinned bashfully at her, rubbing the back of his neck, “Well yeah, I’m always looking for Gwen since she’s the light of my life, but I actually came to meet you.  She talks about you so I thought I’d introduce myself and get to know her sister a little, yeah?  Or is that creepy?  I’m sorry if it’s creepy..”

Just Another Day | Open RP


He was glad. It was the first time Tony ever laid back since the start of the year and relaxed by himself. It came to the point where he knew no one would come and visit him. Hell, no one would know it’s his birthday and he’d just be at peace at home.

Well, that was a lie, two or so people decided to greet him, but he didn’t get anything. He got two “Happy Birthday” wishes and after a drink or two, they were gone. It was nothing but peace and quiet for the engineer.

It was just another day for him, just like it was supposed to be.

Leaning into the cushions of the couch, Tony closed his eyes and let his head fall back to the top of it, humming to himself contently. This was the satisfaction he got out of today. It was the only thing he could consider a gift, other than the alcohol he presented himself with. He was taking a break, and that was what he always wanted.

That is, until he heard someone come up through the elevator. But instead of responding to it, he kept his eyes closed and let his head continue to hang back. If they wanted to talk to him, they could. He wouldn’t be surprised, no matter who it may have been.

As the elevator doors opened, Peter stepped out, grinning his face off, “Haaaaaaaaaaappy birthday to youuuuuu~”  he began, “Happy birthday tooooo youuuuuuu~”  The teen came out of the elevator and over to the couch, “Haaaaaaaappy birthday dear Tonyyyyyyyyyy~~!!  Happy birrrrthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~~!!!”  He squatted so he’d be on Tony’s level and held out a cake that was decorated to look like Iron Man’s helmet. 

"blow out the candle, tin head!  Make a wish!"  The boy’s face was bright and happy, wanting to do something nice for the guy who’d been nice to him so far on his recent joining of the Avengers.

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